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Swap Goodies!

Swap Goodies!
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A few weeks ago I signed up to Sweet Goodness Swaps' 'Vintage Cowgirl Swap', and was partnered with the lovely Anilla, from Sew-Vanilla. Luckily, both of us are UK-born and based, so we were able share our cowgirl-cluelessness with each other. It made for an interesting experience - needing to go out and research American history in order to understand what sort of things to send. It was so much fun reading and learning about cowgirls and the Wild West, and putting all sorts of different items together. What a fascinating idea for a swap! I love the rustic, country-styled themes - so I knew I wanted to be a part of this swap from the off! And I had a great time finding and putting bits together.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of what I sent Anilla before sealing it all up in a box ready for posting, but the things I sent include: a USA star-shaped badge, a star-themed metal belt buckle, a hand-made accordian-style cowgirl-themed recipe book featuring traditional recipes from the Wild West, a blue tassel, a bookmark, a hand-made necklace using turquoise beads (one of Anilla's favourite colours), some gift tags, a little pin cushion and matching needle-book, and a hand-made cross-stitched bag in red, white and turquoise! The bag took sooooo long to make, and actually made everything a little late in sending out - but it's all done and sent now, and hopefully Anilla likes the things that I sent her.

And look! Here's what she sent me! (See above photo.)

A denim (pink-gingham lined!) bag made by Anilla, a fabulous beaded belt, a neckscarf, a little pink check cowgirl box, and a couple of cowgirl-themed tags!

Thank you Anilla! xxx

You can also see the others items the swap group members sent to each other by clicking play on this following slideshow:

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